Schedule of Events

IPO Trial - Flight Schedule | Practice Schedule

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Thursday, June 21   Practice 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Helper Tryouts 6:00 pm
Calcutta (Support Team Canada!) & Handler Draw
& Handler meeting with Judges
6:45 pm
 Friday, June 22        Tracking (IPO3 - flights 2 & 3) Meet at the club at 6:30 am
BH, Obedience & Protection Flights (IPO1, IPO2) 8:30 am 
LUNCH at club field 12:00 pm
Obedience & Protection (IPO3 - flight 1)  1:30 pm
Breed Survey Following completion of trial
Saturday, June 23        Tracking (IPO1, IPO2 & IPO3 - flight 1) Meet at the club at 6:30 am
Obedience & Protection Flights (IPO3 - flight 3) 8:30 am
Silent Auction Open for Bids 9:00 am
LUNCH at club field 12:00 pm
Obedience & Protection Flights (IPO3 - flight 2) 1:30 pm
Silent Auction Closed-Winners Announced 4:00 pm
JUDGES' DINNER at the Field

Price: $25

  • Steak/Ham
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Tossed Salad
Sunday, June 24    Conformation Show Check In / Registration 7:30 am
Silent Aution Open for Bids 9:00am
Classes Start in the following order:
  • Puppy Classes
  • Junior Puppy Classes
  • Senior Puppy Classes
  • Youth / Young Dog Classes
  • 2 years+ Open Classes
  • Working Classes
  • Progeny Group
  • Veteran's CLass
  • Kennel Group
8:30 am
LUNCH at club field during the show 12:00 pm (show continues)
Silent Auction Closed-Winners Announced 4:00pm (possibly earlier)
AWARDS & PRESENTATIONS Following completion of Show

* Schedule may change depending on varying circumstances


Flight Schedule

Download the IPO Trial - Flight Schedule here


Practice Times

Competitors please contact us to book your timeslot for practice

Time Handler / Dog Team Time Handler / Dog Team
9:00AM Ken McLaughlin & Xsum of my Bodyguard 1:00PM Jennifer Jones & Alpha vom Hexensteig
9:15AM Peter Lauder & Dagger von Lauderhaus 1:15PM Mario Lamarche & Brix vom Basaltkopf
9:30AM   1:30PM  
9:45AM   1:45PM  
10:00AM Richard Vergolst & Tattoo vom Team Zellwaldrand 2:00PM Marc Coallier & Atteba's Faust and Furie Ous
10:15AM Marvin Eng & Canczech's T Roy 2:15PM  
10:30AM Dwyn Tomlinson & Nasti Adam 2:30PM Paul L. Dethyse & Roots Du Lac William
10:45AM Ivona Strbova & Hillsview Sonia 2:45PM Juergen Fischer & Ivo von der Daelenberghutte
11:00AM Lance Collins & Haakon vom Mörfelder Land 3:00PM Colin McCollugh & Sumo von Nurburgring
11:15AM   3:15PM Boris Diker & Ralph vom Kiebitzende
11:30AM   3:30PM April Lensen & Boca com Lensenhaus
11:45AM Natalie Szokoll & Elek Pax von der Jubricht 3:45PM Jamie-Lynn Pitts & Deikart vom Cap Arkona
12:00PM   4:00PM George Mills & Uno von Narnia
12:15PM   4:15PM Jennifer Clark & Sirokkoi Enso
12:30PM   4:30PM Karen Jones & Clint vom Rammelon
12:40PM   4:45PM Tracey Hughes & Apache von Narnia 
    5:00PM Lisa Frederick & Dasko von Immerstark

*Practice times will be strictly enforced by the Field Marshall - Marvin Eng; Teams who miss their specific practice time may reschedule ONLY if there are available open times in the schedule.