Johannes Grewe

Johannes Grewe

Johannes Grewe is a former West German Police Officer and K-9 handler. He is a member of the SV since 1964 and was a SV Schutzhund Judge from 1974 to 1981. In 1981 Johannes immigrated to the United States and became immediately a member of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America. In the US Johannes has trained and titled 20 GSD with a total of 35 titles. He competed in Local, Regional, National, European and World Championships. Johannes received the USCA Sports Medal.

Being a small breeder of GSD since 1970 Johannes has bred a total of 26 breed surveyed dogs. He has earned the USCA Breeders Gold Medal. 

Johannes became a Conformation Judge in 1997 and a Schutzhund Judge in 2003 and has judged trials and shows on Regional, National and International level in China, Canada, Venezuela, Chile and the Philippines. 


Frank McEniry

Frank McEniry

A businessman by profession FRANK MC ENIRY currently resides in Montreal, Quebec, CANADA.
Involved in dogs since 1983 and a GSSCC member since 1987 his first dogs were primarily Bouvier des Flandres. He dabbled in a few other canine activities including French Ring before discovering “Schutzhund”  in 1986. He has passionately been involved and active at all levels since. For 20 years he managed a club serving as the key member assuming alternately all the roles but primarily that of Training Director and Head Decoy helping countless individuals attain their objectives.

He is an experienced Teacher Helper having taught and built up numerous National helpers over the past two decades. His passion for working dogs has led him to travel abroad to practice and experience varied canine activities all the while meeting key figures in the sport. To this day he greatly enjoys working dog-handler teams and building up the bite work always walking the fine line of reality seeking to get the most out of every dog.

As a dog handler he has titled a multitude of dogs including Bouvier’s and GSD’s to all levels. He has participated competitively at all levels and continues to do so to this day. He has competed at Regional and International championships both in Canada and in the USA including AWDF, 10 times at the GSSCC Nationals and also for Canada at the WUSV Championships. He has also assumed the role of Team Canada Captain.

Throughout the years Frank has assumed various administrative functions from the club level up. In 1995-96 he was Regional Training Director for the eastern Region.  As President of NAWBA in 97-98 he was involved in the creation of the AWDF and an Officer of it from 96-99. He served 4 years as Vice-President of the GSSCC and a total of six consecutive years on its executive board.

He strongly believes in the importance of proper structure ,conformation and selective breeding for the improvement of the German Shepherd dog. Frank brings with him an open mind philosophy and a broad canine knowledge. He strives to interpret the rules as they are written and intended with the utmost fairness and honesty. Beyond his judgement his underlying intent is to encourage sportsmanship and self-improvement all the while promoting the pleasures of our sport.

He wishes good luck to all participants and thanks for the invitation to judge.

Enjoy your dog